Balkan Festivals Northwest Presents
balkanalia! 2018
Arsnova, a Portland-based variety dance band will be playing Bulgarian weding style dance party music. Led by Milen Slavov on accordion and Rian Holmes on violin, their original compostions and mordern arrangements of traditional tunes bring out a new spice to the flavor of Balkan music that you already love.
Macedonian All Stars
Dragi and the Macedonian All Stars The Macedonian All-Stars are made up of musicians from the Pacific Northwest, the Bay Area, and the East Coast, gathering solely for the purpose of accompanying Dragi “Mr Honey Voice” Spasovski. The band has performed in various configurations for over five years. This year’s line-up includes David Bilides, Bill Cope, Mark Levy, Dina Trageser, and Dan Auvil.
Miamon and Friends The band will play our usual eclectic musical mix with repertoire drawn from Eastern Europe and the Balkans including the countries of Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. We may even toss in a few surprises from Old Vienna and Norway.