Balkan Festivals Northwest Presents


Camp Angelos ~ September 2nd - 5th 2011

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Spend a long weekend (Thursday evening through Sunday morning) immersed in Balkan music and dance, with friends from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Join us for a unique opportunity to enjoy three idyllic days with an incredible gathering of campers, musicians, dancers and singers. Beginners and families are welcome! If you are new to Balkan music, this camp provides a fantastic introduction.

We continue with the very successful special evening class, teaching basic dances that will be enjoyed at the parties. Dancing and singing classes are accessible to beginners - but if you prefer, you can spend the day playing soccer or lounging on the beach of the Sandy River.

If you want to share your love of Balkan music and dance with your children, this is a wonderful opportunity to include them in the "village" experience of a residential camp. Beginners of all ages will find this camp welcoming and inclusive.

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