Balkan Festivals Northwest Presents
Zabava!, whose name means "party," plays energetic, soulful, and rhythmically dazzling music, from the center of the dance floor, in Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, and Romani traditions. Zabava! includes Corinne Sykes (vocals, tambura, tupan, darabuka), Michele Simon (vocals, tupan, darabuka), Bill Cope (gajdi, bouzouki, tambura, accordion, vocals), and Tom Farris (tambura, guitar, hand drum). For b!, we will be graced with the addition of Pat MacSwyney (kavali & ney).
The m9
The m9 Founded in 2013, The m9 (pronounced The minor 9) draws inspiration from high-energy brass bands from across the globe to create a unique soundscape where East and West collide. The new global fusion sounds of the rich Balkan Romani brass tradition form the core of a repertoire which excites, invigorates, and inspires curiosity about one of Europe's most misunderstood minorities.
Slavej (nightingale) performs the folk music of Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia with an emphasis on Romani (Gypsy) style and repertoire. We are composed of seasoned musicians who helped establish the Balkan scene in the US, researchers with years of experience in Balkan communities, and more recent devotees. We are from Eugene, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. If we added up our combined experience with Balkan music, it would probably be several hundred years! Slavej members are: Carol Silverman (vocals), Mark Levy (clarinet), Michael Lawson (accordion and vocals), Cody Simmons (trumpet), Adam Good (guitar), Bill Lanphier (bass), and David Bilides (tapan). Other instruments will emerge as time and requests permit.