Balkan Festivals Northwest Presents
Joanna Jovanovich
Joanna Jovanovich has been dancing with the Radost Folk Ensemble in Seattle for two years, and has been dancing and performing since childhood. She has worked for CYO Summer Camping for the past five summers, including as a director for the past two. This is her first balkanalia!, and she is excited to share her different "campy" skills with the kids this year.
Evan Slow-Burn Stuart
Youth Ensemble
Evan Stuart is returning to Balkanalia as a teacher, and performed at the camp in 2010 with the group Brass Menažeri from the San Francisco Bay Area. Evan fell in love with Balkan music at Mendocino Balkan camp as a teenager, especially from the brass band traditions of Serbian, Macedonian, and Roma communities. Evan has co-directed the Kids band at Balkan camp in Mendocino with Greg Jenkins for several years, has been the house bassist at Stockton Folkdance camp, and has performed in Brazil and China. He earned a degree in Music from S.F State in 2011.