Dromeno band photo

DRÓMENO is a long-time favorite band at Balkanalia and other Balkan dance events in the Pacific Northwest. Led by Christos Govetas and Ruth Hunter, the band presents regional folk music from the Greek mainland and beyond, overlapping into the surrounding regions and finding the musical legacy that connects the traditions of the Balkans. Featuring clarinet and voices, the instrumentation includes accordion, saxophone, violin, oud, bouzouki, zourna, guitar, laouto, kanun and percussion, and enables the group to span the sounds of Greek music, from western Macedonia and Ipiros, through Thessaly, Thrace and Asia minor.

Orkestar Unbound

For Balkanalia, Orkestar Unbound will focus on Northern Macedonian Izvorno and Chalgija-style repertoire from the Balkans and Turkey, on both traditional and modern instruments with the clear, indisputable intention of getting you on your feet and dancing!

Band leader Bill Cope has led several bands at Balkanalia before. This year’s line-up will bring back Corinne Sykes, Michele Simon, Dan Auvil, and Tom Farris. Joining them this year (and making her debut at Balkanalia) is Mirabai Peart on violin.

Osem i Devet

Osem i Devet band photo
Osem i Devet with Tedy and Dina

Michael “Osem” Lawson and David “Devet” Bilides team up to play a wide variety of Balkan dance tunes. Joining them for Balkanalia this year are singers Teodora Dimitrova and Dina Trageser.