Balkanalia is a three-day overnight camp that focuses on teaching and celebrating music and dance from the Balkans. Located just east of Portland, Oregon, at Camp Angelos by the Sandy river, Balkanalia is incredible gathering of campers, musicians, dancers, and singers. All ages and all levels of familiarity with Balkan music and dance are welcome! If you are new to Balkan music, this camp provides a fantastic introduction. If you want to share your love of Balkan music and dance with your children, this is a wonderful opportunity to include them in the “village” experience of a residential camp.

Some common questions:

What’s included in the price?

Camp tuition includes lodging (either in a cabin or your tent or RV), all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snacks, coffee all day long!), and all classes and evening parties. 

Should I bring any cash?

It’s not required, but sure! You may want to get a smoothie during happy hour or pick up your teachers’ CD and DVD. Cash and checks are best; because of the spotty internet connection, we can’t promise credit card readers will work.  

What are the cabins like?

The cabins are clustered together around the bathhouse. Each cabin has one or two rooms with 4 to 8 bunk beds. Some cabins are men- or women-only, and some are coed. All cabins have overhead lights, wall heaters (rarely needed), and several outlets. (And if you blow a fuse, like one camper recently did, the breaker box is in the back.) The bathhouse has two bathrooms split by gender, and each contains several toilets, showers, and sinks, so you rarely need to wait in line.

Is there wi-fi?

There may be wi-fi at the main lodge, but it’s been unreliable in the past. You may also not have cell phone reception, depending on your service provider. Get ready to unplug for a couple days and be in the moment with your fellow campers!

When should I plan to get to camp?

Check-in starts at 4:00 pm on Friday. You can come earlier; we just may not be ready to give you your cabin assignment yet. Your check-in packet will include a map of the camp, the class schedule, the roster of all campers, and other information you need to know to make camp enjoyable for all. We will also have a camp orientation in the main lodge on Friday at 8 pm (after dinner); please plan to attend. 

When is camp over?

Balkanalia concludes with breakfast on Monday, the last day. All campers must leave by 10 AM, so we can do our final clean-up and leave the facility in tip-top shape.

How do I get to camp? And what should I bring?

We’ll send you a letter with detailed directions, a packing list, and all other useful and interesting tidbits when you register.  

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at 503.662.7895 or

Balkanalia is organized by Balkan Festivals Northwest, a non-profit organization. Donations are welcome and tax deductible.